Liz Pendragon
Liz is the "Gun", or enforcer/bodyguard/muscle, for Eddie Caution, a somewhat dodgy magician. They work in London's shabbier streets. Liz is 18, of American birth, loves powerpop music, and hates being bored. Liz was born Elizabeth Pennebaker in Minnesota, in America. We know that her father made life very unpleasant for her (he once killed her dog). She always wanted magic in her life, so when she ran away from home, she somehow made it to London. After nearly dying of hunger and exposure to the elements, Liz met her girlfriend Prana and moved in with her. Bram, the barman at Le Strip Club, Prana's place of employment, suggested Liz give herself the last name of Pendragon as a stage name. Liz loved it and adopted it as her new last name for keeps.

Eddie Caution
Eddie is the employer of Liz Pendragon. He's a magician who doesn't seem to rely on his magical powers very often... he's really not (at all) the best there is at being a magus. He is, however, the best there is at being Liz's business partner. Eddie Caution is a stout man with a secretive past. We know he used to work for James, a magician who actually did (and does) have some talent and skill in the magic department. We know that he used to have a woman named Judith in his life, but we don't know their relationship-- only that he hasn't told Liz about her (he feels Liz'll find out soon enough on her own, somehow). We've seen him create a warm-but-not-too-hot fire out of nowhere with no fuel, although making red fire appears to be a lot of trouble for him (too much?). We've seen him literally make Liz's paycheck disappear while he was sitting at the poker table (no, seriously, he really made it disappear). So far his best trick ever has been to temporarily turn someone into a tiger, but they didn't enjoy it one bit. Actually, he seldom does much magic. Eddie's real power seems to be in all the information he has at his fingertips... who's who, what's what, how to get or find what's needed in the world of magic. It's Liz who seems to actually DO what needs doing, a lot of the time. Still, his fast talking and clever thinking has saved Liz's life more than once. But when one thinks about it, one realizes we really know very little about Eddie so far... but big revelations are coming.

Prana O'Shea
Prana is the girlfriend of Liz. Liz lives with Prana in a flat (apartment). Although Liz no longer works at Le Strip Club, where she first met Eddie Caution, Prana still does. Also working as a barman at Le Strip Club with Prana is Eddie's friend Bram. Prana has psychic powers that she has very little control over, which Eddie is aware of, but of which Liz has no knowledge at all. Liz just isn't very nosy about Prana's life, accepting it for whatever Prana makes of it. Liz is just happy that she (Liz) doesn't have to dance for money anymore. Prana is beautiful, and cares for Liz, but thinks that Eddie is a very bad influence on Liz.

Max runs Max's Eternal Kansas City, a bar where monsters, Liz, and Eddie hang out. The bar has special hours. Max's eyes have sometimes been known to glow red. He's a friend of Liz and Eddie's. We don't know much more about Max. Although he wears the collar and clothes of a Catholic priest, no one ever calls him "Father" or seems to mention it in any other way. We've seen him play poker with Eddie and a couple of monsters. We've seen him tend bar. We've seen him ask that Liz not have fights with monsters in his bar. We've seen that he's a little hard to shock...

Runs Le Strip Club, where Prana works. We'll see more of him some day.

Lew and Cordy
In this part of London, at least, they rule the criminal underworld. Cordy especially is interested in getting Liz away from Eddie.

Some sort of magical being. Works for Lew and Cordy. Very lethal. When he was switched with a human baby in the early 20th century, he drove his new "mother" insane. Then the baby got adopted by a clever, lonely old woman who showed him that there's fun to be had in sticking around in this world...

A cyclops. A regular at Max's bar. He's a bail bondsman, but he dreams of making it as England's first (and only) cyclopean stand-up comedian.