Chapter Twenty-Five: The Jealous Dead
A mysterious zombie outbreak threatens the London monster population. It's up to Liz & Eddie to stop them.

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Chapter Twenty-four: Where It All Began
This is where it all started, the first meeting of Liz and Eddie.

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Chapter Twenty-Three: The World and his Wife
Now that we've found out the identity of Eddie's mysterious ghost, it's time to learn a little more about her. Guest Artist: Joanna Barnum.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Nothing Compares to You
A ghost from Eddie's past visits him in a tantalizing tale of mystery.

Chapter Twenty-One: Chatter
Liz seems pretty much invincible, but is she really? She's been Eddie's Gun for a while now, but what impact has that had on her?

Chapter Twenty: Occam's Razor
If you're going to hire Liz and Eddie for a job, there are certain protocols you should consider, and threatening them isn't on that list.

Chapter Ninteen: King of the Whole Wide World
A hard night of partying leads a young woman to Max's place, Eddie, and a revelation that may very well change her life.

Chapter Eighteen: The Magic Wand
Sometimes Eddie's full of it, but there are times a certain young blond Gun should really listen to her boss. Especially when it comes to magical items.

Chapter Seventeen: Always Someone Better
Even though we've only met a few guns, there's a lot of them running around London besides Liz. Liz is about to meet another of the best ones, actually, and she's not likely to forget it.

Chapter Sixteen: World of Wonders
Prana's quiet evening is rudely interrupted by Liz and Eddie with a surprise in tow, one which could result in untold destruction (though, really, what other kinds of surprises are there?)

Chapter Fifteen: Cathat
Liz gets a lesson from Eddie on why one shouldn't play with items when one doesn't know what they are, especially when one happens to be in a magic shop.

Chapter Fourteen: Any World I'm Welcome To
Life's full of hard choices, and Ebby's had to make plenty. A letter from someone in her past may be just the thing she needs to pick herself up.

Chapter Thirteen: Holidays are the Hardest...
Eddie tells a story about the holidays as only he can.

Chapter Twelve: December Will Be Magic Again
Eddie's journey into the confident magician he is today was a long one and his first steps weren't always in the right direction.

Chapter Eleven: Foster Home
Liz and Prana go out for a day of shopping but run into a mysterious new figure who could prove to be quite a bit of trouble for our heroine.

Chapter Ten: Soundtrack
It's back out to the posh side of town for Liz and Eddie as they go hunting a dark magus. And Liz sings. You've been warned.

Chapter Nine: Moving Day
Ever wonder what it must be like to be Eddie Caution's neighbor? The renter across the way is about to find out.

Chapter Eight: Fanmail
After running Liz and Eddie through their paces for the last few stories, it's time for a little frivolity. That's right, viewer mail...sort of.

Chapter Seven: Tourist Trap
Liz and Eddie need to make a trip to the Tower of London. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Chapter Six: Dog Story
Liz and Eddie's latest job forces Liz to confront pieces of her past that were probably best forgotten.

Chapter Five: A Cautionary Tale
It's moving day for Eddie and lesson time for Liz as he shares an old story with her about just what kind of trouble curiosity can land you in.

Chapter Four: An Unsuitable Job For A Woman
When Liz and Eddie run dry of missions, they decide to pitch their hat into the ring of Macalroy, an old-school magician (most of them are, except Eddie) whose magical experiments have conjured up something in his parlor that's hard to get rid of. After a run-in in the hallway with another, much more traditional and much more annoying gun-and-wand team, Liz faces the threat alone.

Chapter Three: Dreams of Children
Liz and Eddie take on a case that actually earns them a fair bit of money (which Eddie probably loses at poker) as they must get rid of a bunch of scary inhabitants of fairy tales that a writer and his daughter accidentally summoned up via a magic book...

Chapter Two: Waking the Witch
On a road trip to the town of Canterbury, something magical makes an angry mob chase Liz and Prana around...

Chapter One: Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Liz and Eddie meet a man who teaches by bad example that Clich├ęs Do Not Pay.