Liz Pennebaker had a horrible life in America, and she always dreamed of going to England, home of all her favorite music as well as Arthurian legend and lots of other stories of magic. On arriving, of course, she was poor and homeless. Prana O'Shea, a local exotic dancer, brought her to live with her and Liz herself had a short career as a very unskilled dancer at Le Strip Club, Prana's place of employment.

Into this story enters Eddie Caution, a guy very streetwise in the ways of magic but not fantastically reliable at actually DOING magic... even though that's an important part of how he makes his living, as an occult investigator.
When Eddie sees Liz handle herself pretty well (to a point, anyway) in a fight with some unsavory underworld thugs, he extricates Liz (and himself) and she becomes his partner, bodyguard, enforcer, and hired gun.

Liz and Eddie then embarked on a series of small adventures in which Eddie would find magical trouble (or stir it up with his sometimes-abrasive personality) and Liz would cover his back with muscle (and sometimes brains) while he solved said problems with magic (or sometimes brains).

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